Political Societies Need A Direction

The lack of direction in many political societies in the country has caused the underdevelopment of the party system in the country, opined US-based Bahraini political consultant and Managing Partner of Khuzaie Associates, Dr. Ahmed Al Khuzaie. Dr. Al Khuzaie, who has lent his services to various political parties in the US and Europe is currently in Bahrain volunteering his services for the independent elections observer, Integrity Coalition. “From my observation, the political societies have not really shown how they are going to go about the change that they promise to bring. They know where they want to go but not how to get there,” said Dr. Al Khuzaie. He said that this has possibly brought about the dwindling of support for the political societies in the Kingdom. 

Presently, majority of the candidates have indicated that they are independent and in the previous parliamentary elections, majority of the winners were independents. Dr. Al Khuzaie added, “As a political society or party, you need to have well-studied and well-planned longterm programmes. We even observed some societies that have brought in candidates they found only three weeks before!” Bringing in candidates from 
outside the societies or parties only several weeks before the elections can be considered as a political blunder in developed democracies especially since they may not have a strong ideological link to their society, he explained. He said societies need to plan better and well in advance as they could continue to lose the support of the voters. Having a better party system will bring in more professional candidates that adhere to their society’s ideology..