Bahrain's political history in spotlight

A new book that documents Bahrain’s political history has been presented to legislators in the US and the European union, to ensure their representatives have an unbiased and fact based data.

The book titled: ‘Kingdom of Bahrain: Political Review’ is compiled by Washington D.C based political consultancy firm, Khuzaie Assosciates.

It is authored by Bahraini Dr Ahmed Khuzaie, Nour Zenaty from Exeter University, Evgeny Kukharev from San Diego State University, Lia Isono from Fordham University, and Meredith Sullivan from Columbia University.

“This book is compiled with the help of researchers who documented real facts, conducted interviews and news reports about the historical and current aspects of the political scene in Bahrain,” Dr Khuzaie told the GDN.

“It provides a broader study of Bahraini politics covering origin of different political societies, their ideologies and also covers in details of the events in 2011 until today.”

Dr Khuzaie said debunking the false western media narrative about the country was imperative and the idea of this book stemmed from that narrative.

“The international media handled the 2011 events in Bahrain from a biased approach rather than the real facts on the ground, as they relied on non-governmental organisations rather than government agencies.

“ It is well known that the owners of these media outlets were either founded or financed by the Islamic Republic of Iran; a state that has been trying to take over the peaceful island as its fourteenth state.”

The book has a chapter on the timeline of Iran’s interference in Bahrain starting from 1919 when Tehran demanded the appointment of a representative of Bahrain in the Iranian parliament.

It also touches upon the effects of the Iranian Revolution 1976-1979, attempted coup of 1981, and a series of events in which Iran played a role through its proxies,

Dr Khuzaie explained for the first time there is a book that covers political societies including Iranian backed militant groups such as the Coalition of February 14

“We don’t have a local ideology and all these political societies have come from outside, and I have explained each of them including those that were shut down for violating the law such as Al Wefaq National Islamic Society.”

The book that is ranked second on Amazon in the category Bahrain History and has different chapters on culture, women’s role in the economy, ethnic groups, political and regional unrest.

One of the points the authors documented in the report is about the country’s legislative & Municipal elections history from 2002 until 2018 and a breakdown of an increase or decrease in the voting rate during this period, and include a full analysis on the Council of Representatives performance.

“ We came to the conclusion based on the date compiled that the highest voting boycott rate recorded was only 19.12pc( in 2002 election) and the lowest was ranged at 13pc only, while the ‘ silent segment’ represented 27.4pc,” said Dr Khuzaie, who is also the author of The Book of Management, Contractum Trinius, and Political Campaign Planning Manual.

He explained the silent segment are the non-participant voters from 2002 to 2018 elections, who did not boycott but had no interest. Which is a segment present in all democracies.

The book highlights that the 2011 unrest created a “new segment of self-proclaimed activists and politicians,” who turned a blind eye to the ground reality and instead promoted their agenda on social and international media.

“In the present age of the Internet, it is very easy for people to sink into their own echo chamber of similar ideas.

“Those who subscribe solely to what is articulated in human rights organisations, for example, tend to restrict themselves to the news provided by these bodies.

Dr Khuzaie said they have already printed thousands of copies of the book and started to distribute to US Congress & Senate members.

“ I have already presented a copy to Congresswoman Ilhan Omar who in the past has made unwanted remarks about Bahrain.

“Our book is registered in the Congress library and will be given to US State Department officials and lawmakers as a key reference book to understand about Bahrain.

Dr Khuzaie plans to travel to European countries and distribute the book to politicians, academics, and experts who work or have an interest in the Middle East.

“ Our objective is to provide the most unbiased, fact-based, and therefore accurate historical timeline, political outlook and recommendations.”

“ It helps to expose people to the truth, no matter how much it conflicts with others personal views.”

By: Sandeep Singh - Gulf Daily New - Bahrain